Why Appscapes?

The secret sauce: Studentfy

Studentfy is an independent student community based on our software. Growing organically at a rate of +50 students per day, we have thousands of students using our software every week, and it serves as our learning ground.

Before we roll out a feature to our software we try it out in Studentfy. That let's us try every new development with thousands of real life users. It is the key to develop a user-friendly, intuitive, "no nonsense" platform. Keep what is valued by the students, discard what is not.

Understanding your users is essential when choosing where to invest in IT. If you don't, you risk putting time and money developing a project that students fail to adopt.

Screenshot of the Housing group on the Studentfy app

Eliminate the risk

Every institution wants to move towards digitalization, a trend accelerated by the pandemic. However, many of them understand that developing their own software entails high development and maintenance IT costs.

Appscapes eliminates the risk through a subscription that lets you focus on growing your community. In as little as 4 weeks your platform will be available in both iOS and Android. Maintenance and new features are included.

We will also assign a dedicated Project Manager that will help you set up and get the most out of the platform throughout the year.

Screenshot of the Hub screen on the Studentfy app