The ultimate tool to manage your Student Union. Your own app. Your universe. Free. Forever.

Choose a name, your colors and put your logo. Manage your events, send notifications and much more.

Studentfy App Screenshots

Your own space

Choose the name of the App, put your logo, choose the colors and customize your own Hub: a personalizable menu where you will be able to add your website, social networks, contact methods and any other content that matters to you.

It will be the landing screen of every person who downloads your App.

Students are always with their phones. With the Hub you will be able to centralize everything that matters and help them find you when they need you.

Screenshot of Hub

Increase student engagement

Organizing events is a lot of fun, but there are also things that make it more stressful. With your phone or computer you will be able to create an event in seconds. They can be free or paid events, online or offline.

Anyone from your section will see the event in the App and they will be able to sign up or pay right there.

From your panel you will see in real time who has purchased a ticket, edit the event, send messages to the attendees, transfer your funds, use our check-in app to check people in and much more.

Screenshot of the Hub screen

Make your message be heard

Inside the Groups section you will be able to create Forums so that your students communicate with you and with one another. They can be divided by topics, or to store pictures of past events, or to publish news or upcoming events.

You will also be able to send Push Notifications to everyone in your section. A tool that will greatly increase the chances of them receiving your messages.

Screenshot a notification with the title Upcoming Event


Screenshot of the Hub screen on the Studentfy app

FREE forever

Why? We're in growth mode. We need users and associations using our App since our business model is to monetize partnerships with brands that are interesting for students (GoPro, Starbucks, Nike, etc). We'll never charge you or the students for the app.

  • Customizable Hub
  • Communication features
  • Knowledge Center
  • Additional Services
  • Events Module
  • Groups Module

Benefits and features

Strengthen Brand

  • Android & iOS versions
  • Brand Identity
  • Custom Hub per Section

Communication & Social Life

  • Push Notifications
  • News
  • Customized Forums & Clubs
  • Events Platform
  • Interschool Connectivity

More information

  • User-friendly Desktop Panel
  • Knowledge Center
  • Data Reports
  • Dedicated Support Team