Module 1: Hub

Fully customizable

The Hub is the gateway to your brand. The place where you display everything you want the students to have at a one-click distance.

Access to your LMS, the services you offer, the latest news, your welcome guides, how to get in touch, your social networks or any other important resource.

You can also add any of the Additional Services available in your region.

Screenshot of the Housing group on the Studentfy app

Be where they are looking

People check their phones 157 times a day and most those interactions happen on Apps. Why? Because it is convenient and quick.

When you want to interact with your students, you want to use the technologies and platforms that they are familiar with.

Think mobile first with our state-of-the-art application.

Screenshot of the Hub screen on the Studentfy app

Centralize and win

When it comes to user attention, the most convenient option wins. Any unnecessary change or disruption will increase the amount of students you lose along the way.

Therefore you don't want to force your students to jump from platform to platform. Streamline processes, centralize everything into one screen.

Let your application be the gateway to your brand.

Screenshot of the Hub screen on the Studentfy app