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Appscapes is a customizable state-of-the-art mobile application with two main objectives.

  • Institutions: Help them be more attractive in the eyes of prospect, enrolled and graduated students.
  • Students: Improve their overall satisfaction with their student life by focusing on facilitating their integration. We do this by focusing on onboarding and interactions.

Institutions can use our App and opt-in on additional services available on different locations (Housing assistance, discount platform, health insurance or legal help).

We focus on institutions and students because adding value to one, adds value to the other.

We are social by nature and the feeling of belonging makes us happy. It starts as soon as you enroll. The earlier you feel like you are a part of something and interact with your future classmates, the better. Studies back this and show that the pre-starting period is one of the best moments to leave a first great impression on your students.

Throughout the year, not having an active social life is one of the most repeated reasons behind dropouts. More than 60% of students rate as important or very important the school’s reputation for social activities, the existence of societies and associations, as well as sports clubs. Therefore it is important to facilitate meaningful extracurricular experiences as this will improve the connection of the students with their classmates, their school and their city.

In other words, facilitating student integration through onboarding and interactions makes students happier with their experience and their institution.

Studies say that students check their phones 157 times a day. They also say that 86% of prefer mobile applications over websites.

We believe that for academic information, a web browser and platforms such as Moodle are fine. The reason is that this is not information that students need to access on a daily basis and that they can probably check on their computers.

Social is a different story, which is probably why so many school forums and social features in old-fashioned online campuses have very few active students.

You want to give the students the platforms they expect if you want to succeed in generating user engagement and interactions.

The process of creating an app can be a real nightmare, especially if not done in-house. The average costs range between 20 to 30 thousand euros, with a development time of 6 to 9 months. Add to that the cost of maintenance and updates.

The main problem, however, is not the time or the money. It is having the know-how and the experience to generate student engagement. Most of our interviewed institutions that created their own Apps had terrible experiences, did not manage to generate enough interest on the student side and abandoned the projects.

This is why it makes sense to trust Appscapes with your Mobile Application. You will invest a fraction of the money and time, not have to worry about anything, and more importantly: we excel at turning student needs into product features and have proven time and time again that we know how to generate student engagement.

We focus on facilitating student integration by simplifying onboarding and interactions.


  • They will use our Groups and Forums to interact with their classmates months before arriving.
  • They will find the school resources on the hub, making the School-Student connection smoother.
  • They will be able to use the Landing Services we have available in their city, such as Housing assistance, Legal Help, Medical Insurance, Discount platform and more.


  • We will facilitate online interactions through our Groups in the App.
  • Student Unions, Clubs and Associations will have a dedicated space for them to facilitate their operations.
  • A built-in Event and Ticketing section where they will be able to follow, participate and organize events in one place.
  • Our App enables interschool connectivity, which means students will not only get to network with their classmates but with the whole Appscapes community.