Module 3: Events

Boost engagement

Convenience is key. By centralizing events you make it easier for students to keep up with everything that your school has to offer regarding social events.

They will not only see the upcoming events but be able to register right there.

Streamline the process and increase student participation and engagement.

Screenshot of the Housing group on the Studentfy app

A rich social life

Organizing events requires time and dedication, so why not make it easier?

Until now, if a club wanted to organize an event they had to rely on 3rd party software like Facebook, Eventbrite or others.

With our solution you will give them a place to create, manage and promote their online and offline events, saving them time to dedicate to what really matters.

Screenshot of the Hub screen on the Studentfy app

Targeted messages

Creating an event is one thing, but promoting it can turn into a nightmare without the right tools to get the word out (WhatsApp spam?).

Now students will have a link that they can share for others to sign up. On top of that they will have the option to send Push Notifications to communicate with event participants, avoiding any spam whatsoever.

Screenshot of the Hub screen on the Studentfy app

Endless networking

A unique feature of Appscapes is that we can enable interschool events.

That means that students of a particular institution will have the opportunity to take part in interschool events organized by other schools, as well as organize their own and invite students from other institutions creating endless networking opportunities.

Screenshot of the Hub screen on the Studentfy app